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Currently only governments are represented at the United Nations, not "We, the Peoples"
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The Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly is a global network of parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations advocating for citizens' representation at the United Nations. Read more

A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) would be the first parliamentary body directly representing the world's citizens in the United Nations. It is envisaged as first practical step towards the long-term goal of a world parliament. Read more

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Mitchell Shepherd | 02/07/2014

Participants of the Model Global Parliament in Canberra

Global Diplomats Descend on Canberra for Model Global Parliament

International politics recently visited Canberra as representatives of various nations and organisations met at the Australian National University to discuss pressing global issues. Tensions

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Secretariat | 15/05/2014


Activists call for 2nd Global Week of Action for a World Parliament

WPN_LOGO_DATE_FINAL1_150x279Activists around the world are preparing for a second Global Week of Action for a World Parliament that is scheduled to take place this …

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08/23/2014: Prof. titelive luzolawo lumbuenadio, South Africa; Kongjak Jaidee, Thailand; 08/17/2014: Troy Younts, United States; Oswaldo Gonzalez, Venezuela; 08/09/2014: Luiz Alberto Silva dos Santos, Brazil; 08/06/2014: Zulfiqar Alu, Pakistan; John B. Anderson, United States; 08/03/2014: Godfrey Zimbwa, United Kingdom; 07/31/2014: Christian Brodermann, United States; Eigil Sundberg, Norway ... More


"The feasibility of a parliamentary chamber or assembly complementing the present intergovernmental structure should be seriously explored, as it might enhance the political legitimacy of the organisations and strengthen accountability of organisations and governments"

High-Level Expert Group of the InterAction Council, chaired by Andries van Agt, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, May 1994

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06/27/2014 | Civil society assessment of global governance: It's inefficient and undemocratic. Read

04/25/2014 | Expert: UN needs to address "democratic deficit" and "include the voice of the citizens" better. Read

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11/06/2013 | Now is the time: The EU should support a UN Parliamentary Assembly, EurActiv. Read

10/28/2013 | UN expert on democracy highlights importance of free expression, information, UN News Centre. Read

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