The World’s Citizens need to take back control – with a Global Parliament

Secretariat, 4. August 2016

UK citizens in London protest against the decision to leave the EU

In a guest post published today, the UNPA campaign's global coordinator Andreas Bummel argued that to a large degree, achieving prosperity, development, and security depends on international collaboration and integration.

In his opinion, "the Brexit vote is an anomaly and an irrational response to this global trend. While the new British government is preparing for the exit negotiations with the EU, the African Union plans to introduce a continental passport and to abolish border controls just as it’s the case in the EU Schengen area. Whatever xenophobic and nationalistic demagogues would want people to believe, a Zombie-like resurrection of 'national independence' is not a viable option and will only wreak havoc in the world."

Instead, a world parliament would be "an alternative and progressive approach to the notion of 'taking back control'."

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