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The Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) is a global network of parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations advocating citizen's representation at the United Nations.

At the Campaign's launch in April 2007 at more than one dozen events on five continents an international "Appeal for the Establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assembly" was published. In April 2009 the Campaign issued a "Call for Global Democratic Oversight of International Financial and Economic Institutions". The Campaign's statements are supported by individuals from 156 countries, among them 743 members of parliament, and 398 NGOs from all around the world.

Five international conferences have taken place so far: In November 2007 in the Palais des Nations in Geneva under the patronage of former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, in November 2008 in the European Parliament in Brussels, in October 2009 in New York, in October 2010 in the Senate of Argentina in Buenos Aires, and in October 2013 again in the European Parliament in Brussels.

The Campaign's Secretariat is led by the Committee for a Democratic United Nations. The work of the Campaign is guided by an informal Steering Committee, which helps to define the Campaign's goals, policies and strategies.

The Campaign's objectives

  • To make the UNPA proposal visible in political debates and the media
  • To facilitate the creation of national and local networks of individuals, non-governmental organizations and parliamentarians advocating a UNPA in their sphere of influence
  • To establish a global multi-stakeholder coalition which unites parliamentary and civil society efforts for a U.N. Parliamentary Assembly
  • To facilitate contacts and debates with potentially like-minded parliaments and governments

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11/10/2015 | Appeal for a Parliamentary Assembly presented at the United Nations in New York. Read

11/02/2015 | Seminar on a World Parliament arranged in Swedish Riksdagen. Read

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