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Campaign Appeal - All individual signatories

James Adams, A young advocate of democracy and strong supporter of the work of the United Nations., Australia (08/27/2012)

Anita Adlam, Australia (11/30/2010)

Akmal Adnan, HSC student studying Legal Studies with core option - WORLD ORDER., Australia (01/17/2010)

Hannah Aulby, Australia (08/13/2010)

Nikhil Bhatia, Humanitarian interested in helping making a better world through media, Australia (08/07/2007)

Margaret Blakers, Asia Pacific representative, Global Greens Coordination, Australia (12/02/2008)

Alister Blanc, Australia (08/13/2008)

Kent Blore, Australia (06/23/2007) 1Signatory of the Call for global democratic oversight of international financial and economic institutions, 2009

James Blundell, Web developer, Sydney, Australia (01/20/2012)

Bob Brown, Senator (-2013), Leader of Australian Greens, Australia (08/24/2010)

James Burgess, Student, University of Queensland, Australia (12/12/2009)

Adam Cass, Student, supporter of the UNPA., Australia (11/21/2013)

John Chabowski, Australia (04/02/2013)

Noel Cislowski, Australia (05/01/2012)

Dr. Allen Clabaugh, Australia (03/08/2008) 1Signatory of the Call for global democratic oversight of international financial and economic institutions, 2009

Samuel Condon, Australia (06/02/2008)

Michael Cornish, Australia (07/29/2010)

Lanz Jordan De Jesus, Student, international studies, Australia (05/26/2008)

Michael de Mol, Australia (05/28/2007)

Kieran Dennis, Australia (03/31/2008)

Jeff Donovan, Australia (06/28/2010)

Robert Duncan, retired government officer, Australia (04/25/2007)

Malin Dunfors, Australia (07/16/2007)

Dr. Michael Ellis, Founder, Centre for Change, Australia (04/23/2007)

Douglas Everingham, State Coordinator for Queensland, Australia, International Simultaneous Policy Organization, Australia (04/23/2007)

Colin Fabig, Australia (08/10/2015)

Laurie Ferguson, MP, Australia (03/19/2014)

Joel Fitzgibbon, MP; Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Australia (03/14/2014)

Keith Ford, Australia (09/17/2012)

Mitchell Goff, Student at the University of Western Australia, Australia (10/10/2010)

Dr. William Gong, Research scientist in energy science industry, Australia (05/30/2011)

Jeevan Haikerwal, Australia (11/05/2013)

Justine Hall, Australia (04/05/2013)

Prof. Chris Hamer, Australia (04/23/2007)

Sarah Hanson-Young, Senator (Greens), Australia (01/30/2009)

Teri Hay, Australia (09/23/2010)

John Hegarty, BA MEd GDCouns MACE UN International Day of Peace. Worthy Society. Morisset & Peninsula BULLETIN. SLM RSL Local Liaison, Australia (07/29/2014)

Kim Hoye, Australia (02/23/2009)

Prof. Jim Ife, Foundation Professor of Human Rights Education, Curtin University, Australia (04/23/2007)

Matthew Imhoff, Australia (06/30/2007)

Prof. Dr. Sohail Inayatullah, Political scientist; Member, International Advisory Council, World Future Society, Australia (04/23/2007)

Brian Jenkins, Australian coordinator for International Simultaneous Policy, Australia (05/29/2007)

Rainnie Jiao, Australia (05/28/2007)

Nickie Johnson, Australia (01/12/2016)

Duncan Kerr, former MP (1987-2010); former Minister of Justice, Australia (04/23/2007)

Patricia Law, Australia (06/01/2007)

Tiffany Ma, Australia (06/01/2007)

Austin Mackell, Australia (05/27/2011)

Suzanne Maloney, Australia (03/25/2013)

Richard Marles, MP; former Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs (2012-2013), Australia (05/05/2014)

Neil Martin, Australia (06/22/2008)

Peter McDermott, President, AIESEC Sydney, Australia (06/04/2007)

Robert McLeod, Australia (04/03/2010)

Bob McMullan, former MP (1996-2010); former Minister of Trade, Australia (04/23/2007)

Joshua Millar, International Relations and Philosophy student at UNSW, Australia (08/03/2011)

Rajesh Mukherjee, Australia (06/30/2007)

Ambreen Munir, Australia (10/24/2013)

naomi nation, Australia (03/19/2015)

Jason Ngam, Australia (09/06/2007)

Vinay Orekondy, Student of Law/International Studies in Sydney, Australia (05/27/2007)

Dr. Sid Orekondy, Opthalmologist, Australia (05/29/2007)

Nalini Orekondy, Australia (06/02/2007)

Timothy Oseckas, Australia (11/20/2007)

Nicholas Radcliffe, Student about to commence university studies, Australia (12/18/2008)

Nicole Rankin, Australia (07/19/2008)

Kym Richardson, former MP (2004-2007), Australia (04/23/2007)

James Ricupito, Australia (05/04/2008)

Alan Ryan, Member of World Citizens Association, Australia, Australia (06/03/2007) 1Signatory of the Call for global democratic oversight of international financial and economic institutions, 2009

Justin-Paul Sammons, Australia (12/03/2008)

Asja Simunovic, Australia (06/02/2007)

David Stigter, Australia (11/23/2007)

Dr. Lyndon Storey, Australia (08/19/2007)

Alex Surace, Australia (08/02/2012)

Lindsay Tanner, former MP (1993-2010), former Minister for Finance and Deregulation (2007-2010), Australia (04/23/2007)

Rhea Thrift, Australia (01/07/2011)

James Tonson, Australia (08/23/2011)

Alex Turner, Australia (06/04/2011)

Coenraad van der Westhuizen, Australia (01/08/2011)

Dr. Peter Weitzel, retired Technical Teacher (TAFE), Australia (02/23/2008)

Clayton Werner, Australia (05/04/2007)

Renlord Yang, Australia (05/15/2009)

Wenee Yap, Australia (01/20/2008)

Crawford Yorke, Australia (01/18/2008)

Hilal Mohamed Zafrullah, Australia (06/23/2013)


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