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Currently only governments are represented at the United Nations, not "We, the Peoples"
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The Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly is a global network of parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations advocating for citizens' representation at the United Nations. Read more

A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) would be the first parliamentary body directly representing the world's citizens in the United Nations. It is envisaged as first practical step towards the long-term goal of a world parliament. Read more

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10/02/2014: Stevens Mokgalapa, South Africa; 10/01/2014: Prof. Claudia Priefer, Romania; Ovidiu Alexandru Raetchi, Romania; 09/29/2014: Ryan Rocheleau, Canada; Prof. Parisotto Orazio, Italy; Paul Dumbravanu, Romania; Robert Rowe, Canada; 09/26/2014: Cameron Herbert, United Kingdom; 09/24/2014: Sylvia Wallin, Sweden; 09/23/2014: Mark Jamison, Canada ... More

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"The Pan-African Parliament … notes that in a first preliminary step the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly could be composed of national parliamentarians, but that eventually it should be directly elected by universal adult suffrage in the UN member states. … Stresses that a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly eventually should haveparticipation and oversight rights, in particular, to send fully participating parliamentary delegations or representatives to international governmental fora and negotiations and to establish inquiry committees to assess matters related to the actions of the United Nations, its personell and its special programmes"

Pan-African Parliament, October 2007

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06/27/2014 | Civil society assessment of global governance: It's inefficient and undemocratic. Read

04/25/2014 | Expert: UN needs to address "democratic deficit" and "include the voice of the citizens" better. Read

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11/06/2013 | Now is the time: The EU should support a UN Parliamentary Assembly, EurActiv. Read

10/28/2013 | UN expert on democracy highlights importance of free expression, information, UN News Centre. Read

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