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30 October 2012


Congress of the State of Jalisco supports appeal for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

Document signed in Guadalajara at a ceremony with politicians and civil society representatives

The Congress of the State of Jalisco, a Mexican federal state, has joined the international appeal for the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. At a ceremony that was held last week in the state's capital Guadalajara, an agreement to that effect was formally signed. The appeal is addressed to the United Nations
Francisco Plancarte García y Naranjo, CEUNPA representative in Mexico, Dip. José Antonio De la Torre Bravo, and Dip. Cuauhtémoc Plazola Chávez during the ceremony (from right)
Image: Congress of Jalisco
and the governments of its member states, including Mexico, and calls on them to implement "democratic participation and representation at the global level."

The representative of the international Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly in Mexico, Francisco Plancarte, said at the function that "parliamentary representation is a key instrument to legitimize and improve national and regional democratic governance and should also be applied globally at institutions such as the United Nations." He added that "the best way to achieve this, is through a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations towards a World Parliament, which could be made up of delegates sent by the national and regional parliaments, reflecting the political composition of those parliaments in order to represent the political diversity, including civil society representation of a country at the global level as well."

In addition to Mr. Plancarte, the formal ceremony in Guadalajara was attended by deputy Cuauhtémoc Plazola Chavez, the deputy coordinator of the PAN bloc, José Antonio de la Torre Bravo, Sofía Aguayo Castillo, the National President of the Women Entrepreneurs Association, Jesus Becerra, representative of the State Commission on Human Rights ECHR, and the federal deputies Carmen Lucía Pérez Camarena and Margarita Licea González. The governor of Jalisco, Emilio González Márquez, was represented by his Secretary for Legal Affairs, Ricardo Lopez Camarena.

According to a report published by La Jornada Jalisco, deputy Plazola stressed that a world parliament would help solve problems afflicting mankind such as global warming, violations of human rights, weapons proliferation, and economic and social inequality. The State Congress was determined to pursue the project not only in the state of Jalisco, but also in the other States of the Mexico and its Federal Congress as well.

The State of Jalisco is located in the mid-West of Mexico and has a population number of around 7.4 million people. Among the 32 Mexican states, including the federal district, it ranks 4th in terms of GDP.

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