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The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly (CEUNPA) is supported by 395 non-governmental organizations from 74 countries, among them 23 international networks, and individuals from 156 countries.

The individual supporters include 756 members of parliament from 108 countries and 680 former parliamentarians from 74 countries as well as hundreds of distinguished personalities from politics, science, civil society and cultural life. The sitting MPs represent estimated 121 million people.

The Campaign can be endorsed by signing the "Appeal for the Establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations".

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Members of Parliament (756)    Professors (407)

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Parliamentary resolutions

Since the Campaign’s launch, the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly was supported by the Canadian House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee (2007), the Pan-African Parliament (2007), the Latin-American Parliament (2008), the Senate of Argentina (2008), the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina (2009), the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (2009), the National Assembly of the Seychelles (2009), the European Parliament (2011), the Parliament of Mercosur (2011), and the East African Legislative Assembly (2013).

The Appeal - Latest signatures

10/13/2015: Justin ZIGABE, DR Congo; 10/12/2015: Michael Wolf, Germany; 10/10/2015: Atta Haq, Pakistan; 10/09/2015: Gohoungo Eugène AHISSOU, Benin; 10/08/2015: Samantha Talley, United States; 10/07/2015: Ryan B, United States; 10/05/2015: Malcolm Jenkins, United States; 10/04/2015: Christian Hölzl, Germany; 09/24/2015: William King, United States; 09/22/2015: K M Ashbarul Bari, Bangladesh ... More

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09/25/2015 | UN Parliament should monitor implementation of Sustainable Development Goals . Read

06/16/2015 | Global Commission recommends a parliamentary body to overcome UN's democratic deficit. Read

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