World congress of United Nations associations calls for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

21. October 2018

Resolution adopted at Plenary Assembly in Punta Cana anticipates a UN Reform Summit in 2020 The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), calls on UN member states, parliamentarians, civil society and its more than 100 member organizations across ... more

Mexican legislators call for a review of the UN Charter and "effective international legislation"

31. August 2018

The Commission on Foreign Affairs of the Mexican Congress supports a United Nations conference to review the UN's Charter of 1945 and calls on the new Mexican government to pursue the matter at the upcoming UN General Assembly Following ... more

European lawmakers call for a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a 2020 UN reform summit

5. July 2018

In a resolution adopted today, the European Parliament called on the EU's governments to advocate "the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly" (UNPA) and to support a "UN 2020 summit" that will consider "comprehensive reform measures for ... more

Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Who we are

The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly is a global network of parliamentarians, non-governmental organizations, scholars, and dedicated citizens that advocates democratic representation of the world's citizens at the United Nations. A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, UNPA, for the first time would give elected citizen representatives, not only states, a direct and influential role in global policy.


Members of Parliament

from 122 countries endorse the campaign (current and former)


As a longtime enthusiastic supporter of the United Nations as the world’s best convener and promoter of global democratic standards and norms for humanity’s common future on this planet, I am honored to support the international Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly. A Parliamentary Assembly will augment all the positive global programs embodied in the UN Sustainable Development Goals which I support and promote, as well as the UN Principles of Responsible Investment, of which our company is a signatory member. 


Hazel Henderson, futurist and author, founder and CEO of Ethical Markets Media and producer of its TV series “Transforming Finance”, 2018

Week of Action

WPN_LOGO__NO_DATE_FINAL 150x214The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly supports the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament that is celebrated annually in October.