The UN at 75: United Nations Parliamentary Assembly "more important than ever"

22. September 2020

New study recommends a UN Parliamentary AssemblyOn the occasion of the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) that started last week in New York, a study published by Democracy Without Borders recommends the establishment of a ... more

Civil society declarations support a UN Parliamentary Assembly

15. May 2020

Manifesto on global democratic governanceAs a response to the coronavirus pandemic, a new manifesto launched by the Argentinian civil society organization Democracia Global this week calls for "shared sovereignty, coordination and cooperation at the global level" and a ... more

International peace conference in South Korea supports a UN Parliamentary Assembly

26. February 2020

An outcome message of this year’s PyeongChang Peace Forum from 9-11 February 2020 in South Korea that brought together around 4,000 participants calls on the UN's member states to "consider bold proposals, such as a UN Parliamentary Assembly ... more

Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Who we are

The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly is a global network of parliamentarians, non-governmental organizations, scholars, and dedicated citizens that advocates democratic representation of the world's citizens at the United Nations. A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, UNPA, for the first time would give elected citizen representatives, not only states, a direct and influential role in global policy.


Members of Parliament

from 135 countries endorse the campaign (current and former)


After this pandemic we cannot afford to lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to organise and demand—as united people—a global parliament based on a universal global constitution capable of taking care of every global challenge in the common good.

David Victori Blaya, Award-winning film director from Spain, 2020


The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly received the 2nd prize in the NGO category in The Good Lobby Awards 2019 for advocating "the sort of democratic innovations the world urgently needs."