Parliamentary involvement at the UN raised at peace forum in South Korea

15. February 2019

The need of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, in short UNPA, was raised at an international peace forum organized by civil society in South Korea from 9-11 February. Bringing together participants from all over the world, the PyeongChang Global ... more

Spanish Foreign Minister: Creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly should be considered

10. December 2018

In an article published in the newspaper El País in Madrid today, the Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell stated that the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in 2020 "may be a good moment to analyse at a ... more

Swiss Senate calls on federal government to consider a UN Parliamentary Assembly

3. December 2018

Swiss Senators unanimously request a statement on the UN's democratic deficit  A postulate submitted last week by Daniel Jositsch, a member of the Swiss Senate from Zurich, instructs the federal government of Switzerland to report on whether it perceives ... more

Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Who we are

The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly is a global network of parliamentarians, non-governmental organizations, scholars, and dedicated citizens that advocates democratic representation of the world's citizens at the United Nations. A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, UNPA, for the first time would give elected citizen representatives, not only states, a direct and influential role in global policy.


Members of Parliament

from 122 countries endorse the campaign (current and former)


Parliamentarians should not only play a role in galvanizing intergovernmental action and in implementing global commitments nationally. Elected representatives should have a formal role to play in international negotiations and decision-making. The creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly should be promoted as a key reform in order to achieve this goal and to increase the UN's democratic legitimacy. The UN cannot go on as an exclusive club of governments. Otherwise the world organization will not be able to advance much.


Florence Mutua, Member of the National Assembly of Kenya, 2019

Week of Action

WPN_LOGO__NO_DATE_FINAL 150x214The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly supports the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament that is celebrated annually in October.