The creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly is supported by a broad range of individuals and institutions from more than 150 countries.

Individual supporters include politicians, former UN officials, distinguished scholars, cultural innovators, representatives of civil society organizations, and many committed citizens from all walks of life.

In particular, 652 current and 967 former members of parliament across principal party lines have endorsed the campaign to date. The sitting MPs represent an estimated 119 million people. Supporters also include current and former heads of state, foreign ministers, Nobel laureates, and over 400 professors, including from world-leading universities.

Institutions that have expressed support include numerous civil society organizations, parliaments, international parliamentary assemblies and party networks. For instance, the Pan-African Parliament, the European Parliament, the Latin-American Parliament and the Parliament of Mercosur have adopted resolutions – as have the Socialist International, the Liberal International, or the Green World Congress.

An international survey conducted in 2004/5 in 18 countries showed an average support of 63% while only 20% opposed.


It is inconceivable that world affairs should remain the monopoly of the executive branch of national governments. This major flaw in democracy and remnant from the past must be corrected. At least to begin with, a UN Consultative Parliamentary Assembly should be created.

Robert Muller, Co-founder of the University of Peace in Costa Rica, Assistant United Nations Secretary-General, longtime UN civil servant, 1995


Members of Parliament

from 134 countries endorse the campaign (current and former)

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Andreas Hemmetter, Germany — Robert Whitworth, United Kingdom — Hervé Moritz, France — Ricardo Rubio, United States — William Herbert, United States — Amr Alkhaznadar, United Kingdom — Janwillem Swalens, Belgium — Ollie Harris, United Kingdom — Berit Mues, Germany — Timur Raja, Italy

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