Former Members of Parliament

Frank Aaen

Former MP, Denmark


Anna Margareth Abdallah

Former MP (1987-2015); Chairperson, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Parliament of Tanzania; 1995-2000 Minister of Work, 2000-2005 Minister of Health, Tanzania, Tanzania


Abdirahim Haithar Haji Abdi

MP (-2013), Speaker, East African Legislative Assembly, Kenya


Fátima Aburto

former MP (2004-2011); formerly Speaker of the Socialist Group in the Foreign Affairs Committee, Spain


Sebastián Acha

MP (-2013); Lawyer, Paraguay


Dr. Karl Addicks

Former MP (-2009), Germany


Josephine Addoh

former MP (-2008); former Member, Pan-African Parliament, Ghana


Mohammed Adeeb

Former MP , India


Vittorio Agnoletto

former MEP (-2009); Member, International Council, World Social Forum, Italy


Pedro Aguirre Hernandez

Former MP (Diputado), 2010-2016, Dominican Republic


Suleiman Isyak Ahmed

MP (-2011), Nigeria


Mani Shankar Aiyar

Former MP; former Union Cabinet Minister, India


Ahbib Ajah

MP (-2013); Member, Pan-African Parliament, Mauritania


Javed Akhtar

Former MP; Writer, Urdu poet, script writer and lyricist. Five-time winner of the National Award. , India


Rose Okullu Akol

Former MP, Uganda


Keerapalayam Sambandam Alagiri

Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha, -2014); Member, Standing Committtee on External Affairs, Consultative Committee on Ministry of Coal, India


Alekos Alavanos

MP (-2012); President, Synaspismos, Greece


Horacio Alcuaz

Former MP, Argentina


Warren Allmand

President, World Federalist Movement-Canada; former MP; 1972-1979 Government member; former President, Parliamentarians for Global Action, Canada


Alexander Alvaro

former MEP (-2014), Germany


Gregor Amann

MP (-2013), Germany


Ame Pandu Ame

former MP (2005-2010), Tanzania


Marie-Hélène Amiable

MP (-2012), France


Liv Holm Andersen

Former MP, Denmark


John B. Anderson

Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois (1961-1981), United States


Guy Andre

former MP (2004-2011), Canada


Manuel de Araujo

Former MP, Mozambique


Pedro Jose Arenas Garcia

former MP; President, Movimiento Político Comunal y Comunitario de Colombia, Colombia


Kader Arif

Former MEP (-2014), France


Mördur Árnason

MP (-2013), Iceland


Kriton Arsenis

Former MEP (-2014), Greece


Dr. Adib Assaad

Former MP; Former Human Rights Minister in the shadow government, Lebanon


Gérard Asselin

former MP (1993-2011), Canada


Karin Åström

Former MP (2004-2014), Sweden


Alex Atamanenko

Former MP , Canada


Jean-Pierre Audy

Former MEP (-2014), France


Silvia Augsburger

Former MP, Argentina


Jean Augustine

former MP (1993-2006), Canada


Pedro José Azcoiti

Former MP, Argentina


Claude Bachand

former Member of Parliament (1993-2011), Canada


Abubakar Khamis Bakary

Former Member of the Zanzibar House of Representatives (-2015); Minister for Constitutional Affairs and Justice (2010-), Government of Zanzibar; former Minister, Government of Zanzibar, Tanzania


Griselda Baldata

Former MP, Argentina


Joseph Mutebi Balikudembe

Former MP, Uganda


Jean-Pierre Balligand

MP (-2012), France


Feetham F. Banyikwa

Former Member of Pan-African Parliament (2004-2014); former MP (2005-2010), Tanzania


Marlies Bänziger

Mitglied des Nationalrats (2007-2011), Switzerland


Emerenzio Barbieri

MP (-2013), Italy


Juan Antonio Barrio de Penagos

former MP (-2011), Spain


Luc Barthassat

Former MP, 2005-2013, Switzerland


Ariel Basteiro

Former MP, Argentina


Florence Batyi

former MP (-2009), South Africa


Mohamed Bazoum

MP (-2011); since 2009 Member of the Pan-African Parliament; 2004-2009 Third Vice-President of the National Assembly of Niger; 1995-1996 Foreign Minister of Niger; 1991-1993 Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Niger


Colleen Beaumier

former MP (1993-2008), Canada


Evaliere Beauplan

Former Senator; President, Commission on Foreign Affairs, Senate of Haiti, Haiti


Angelika Beer

Chair, Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention; former MEP (-2009); former Chairperson of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Germany


Wolfgang Behrendt

former MP, Germany


Dr. Yossi Beilin

MP (-2013), Former Minister of Justice , Israel


André Bellavance

Former MP, Canada


Malika Benarab-Attou

Former Member of European Parliament (2009-2014) , France


Shyam Benegal

Director, screenwriter and former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), India


Tyrone Benskin

Former MP, Canada


Dr. Axel Berg

MP (-2009), Germany


Marianne Berg

Former MP (2006-2014), Sweden


Dr. Maria Berger

MEP (1996-2009); former Minister of Justice; since October 2009, Judge at the European Court of Justice, Austria


Dr. Claudia Bernazza

Former MP, Argentina


Paula Maria Bertol

MP (Propuesta Republicana, -2013), Argentina


Keith Best

former MP; Chairperson, Executive Committee, World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy, United Kingdom


Dennis Bevington

Former MP, Canada


Gerardo Bianco

former MP (until 2008), former MEP (1994-1999), Italy


Jean-Louis Bianco

MP (-2012); former Minister of Social Affairs and Integration, France


Mariem Bilal

Former MP, Mauritania


Hermes Binner

MP; Governor of the Province of Santa Fe, 2007-2011, Argentina


Torbjörn Björlund

Former MP (2006-2014), Sweden


Dawn Black

Member of the British Columbia Legislature; former federal MP, Canada


Bill Blaikie

former MP (1979 to 2008), Canada


Boris Blazekovic

Former MP, Croatia


Marco Boato

former MP (1996-2008), Italy


George Boinamo

MP (-2014), South Africa


Silvana Boneva

Former MP, Macedonia


Dhanraj Boodhoo

Former MP, Mauritius


Charmaine Borg

Former MP, Canada


Prof. Dr. Antonio Borghesi

Former MP, Italy


Wolfgang Börnsen

MP (-2013), Germany


John Bosley

former MP; 1984-1986 Speaker, Canadian House of Commons, Canada


Sfia Bouarfa

Senator (-2014), Belgium


Juliette Boulet

MP (-2014), Belgium


Emmanuel Boungouanza

Former MP, Congo-Brazzaville


Diane Bourgeois

former MP (2000-2011), Députée de Terrebonne-Blainville Québec, Canada Bloc Québécois, Canada


Danielle Bousquet

MP (-2012), France


Dr. J. Patrick Boyer

Canadian Member of Parliament 1984-1993, Canada


Klaus Brandner

MP (-2013), Germany


Frieda Brepoels

Former MEP (-2014), Belgium


André Brie

former MEP (-2009), Germany


Prof. John Edward "Ed" Broadbent

former MP; 1975 to 1989 leader of the New Democratic Party, Canada


Anita Brodén

Former MP (2002-2014), Sweden


Bob Brown

Senator (-2013), Leader of Australian Greens, Australia


Paule Brunelle

former Member of Parliament (2004-2011), Canada


Esteban Bullrich

Former MP, Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina


Patricia Bullrich

Former MP (2011-2015); former National Minister of Work; President, Partido Unión por Todos, Argentina


Ulla Burchardt

MP (-2013); Chairperson, Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment, Germany