NGOs from

Pathways To Peace,


pax christi Deutsche Sektion, Germany



Peace Worldwide, Pakistan

PEG! Advertising & Management Services, India


People and Development (PAD), Nepal


People's Movement for Human Rights Learning,

Planetafilia A.C., Mexico


Political Studies for Change (KPRU), Malaysia


Presse Federaliste, France


Proyecto Acción Televisión Comunitaria

Dominican Republic

Proyecto Ávalon-Iniciativa para una Cultura de Paz, Spain


Radio salus, Rwanda


RB infosoft, India


Recherches et Documentation Juridiques Africaines (RDJA)



Red Ciudadanas de Europa (RCE), Spain


Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society, India


Regional Center for Community Welfare and Extension (RCCWE)



Regional Center for International Development Corporation



Regional Centre for International Development Corporation (RCIDC), Uganda


Réseau Ensemble pour le Développement Durable du District d'Arta



Resource Development Centre, India


Rural Area Development Programme, RADP

xxx, Nepal


Rural Area Development Programme, RADP

xxx, Nepal


Rwanda SurViVors International

http://survivorsnetworks.blogspot.c, Netherlands


Saint Petersburg State Hermitage Museum

www.hermitagemuseum.ogr, Russian Federation


Savet za monitoring, ljudska prava i borbu protiv korupcije-Transparentnost



Schweisfurth-Stiftung, Germany

Secretariat of UBUNTU: World Forum of Civil Society Networks and the World Campaign for In-depth Reform of International Institutions,



Seminario Galego de Educación para a Paz, Spain


Senat der Wirtschaft e.V., Germany

Sinlung indigenous Peoples Human Rights Organisation, SIPHRO, India


Socialdemokratiska Studentförbundet, Sweden

Society for Threatened Peoples International,

Sofia International Model United Nations Foundation, Bulgaria


Solidarité Esther

DR Congo


South Asia Small Arms Network, Mumbai



South Asian Youth Society (SAYS), Bangladesh


Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), Cameroon



under reconstruction, Philippines


Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organisation, Sri Lanka


Steine des Gedenkens für die Opfer der Shoa, Austria


Stiftung Apfelbaum, Germany

Stiftung Weltbevölkerung, Germany

STO FN-förening, Sweden


Student Group on International Relations and Interships, Belgium


Students for Global Democracy, Uganda


Students for Global Democracy Uganda, Uganda


Studycircle Free Inquiry, Belgium


Sudan National Committee On Traditional Practices, Sudan

Swan International, United States


Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, Sweden


Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society - Svenska Freds- och Skiljedomsföreningen, Sweden


Syokimau Cultural Centre, Kenya


Taiwan Friends of Global Greens, Taiwan


Tchad agir pour l'environnement (TCHAPE), Chad

Teachers Without Borders (Nigeria), Nigeria


TERRE DES FEMMES Menschenrechte für die Frau e.V., Germany

The Centrist Party, United Kingdom


The Global Citizens\\\' Initiative, United States


The Global Trust, India


Think The Wall, Netherlands


Tshikudu Coopérative Union Paysanne, DR Congo


Uganda Youth Federal Alliance


UNA South Sudan

Under construction, Sudan


União Nacional para o Desenvolvimento Estudantil, UNDE



Union Blue Berets, Italy


Unión de Organizaciones Sociales y Ciudadanos de Invivienda y Periferia

Dominican Republic

Union des Fédéralistes Européens - UEF France, France

Union of Associations for Refugees, Displaced persons and Returnees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegowina


Union of European Federalists,


United Nations Association in Canada, Vancouver Branch


United Nations Association of Sweden, Sweden


Unity-and-Diversity World Council, United States


Universal Human Rights Defenders Coalition


Universidad del Tolima, Colombia


University of Siddhartha



UNU MONDO "Parti Mondial Esperantiste", Poland


UNU MONDO - One World Party,


Vereinigung Demokratischer Juristinnen und Juristen e.V., Germany

Vision for Women International, Sierra Leone


Voice of People, India


Volunteer Development Cameroon (VODECAM), Cameroon


Vote World Parliament

United States


Vous et vos Droits

DR Congo


Weltföderalisten Schweiz, Switzerland

Wilhelm-Reich-Institut, Austria


Women for Family inclusion



Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Canadian Section



World Citizens Association (Australia), Australia


World Citizens Association Australia, Australia


World Federalist Movement of Japan, Japan

World Federalist Movement-Canada, Canada

World Federalist Movement-IGP,

World For World Organization (WFWO), Italy


World Muslim Congress,

World Peace Partnership e.V., Germany

World Society for the Protection of Animals,

World Vision Deutschland, Germany