All individual signatories

Dr. Abdulbaset Sieda

President of the Syrian National Council (SNC) / President för Syriens nationella råd, Syria


Dr. Harald Siem

Public health official, Norway


Gudrun Sievers



Angelo Siglos



Jon A. Sigurdson

B.Sc. General Science, University of Waterloo (1987); member CMHA., Canada


Junior Sikabwe



William Sikes

United States


Bill Siksay

former Member of Parliament (2004-2011), Canada


Elise Silber



Lutz Silbernagel



Joseph Sileo

United States


Prof. Giorgio Silfer



Dr. Doina Silistru

MP; Engineer, Agronomist, PhD in agronomy, Romania


Mario Silva

former MP (2004-2011), Canada


Luiz Alberto Silva dos Santos

Former MP, Brazil


Maritza Augusta Silva Elyas

Defenseure des droits de l'homme , Peru


Maritza Silva Soto Elyas

Titre d'avocat, Universite San Martin de Porres, 1978 Lima, Peru


Dr. Orlandi Silvano



David Silverman

President, American Atheists, United States


Tze Tzin Sim

MP, Malaysia


Peris Simam

MP (-2013), Kenya


Hans Kristian Simensen



Marilyn Simmons



Scott Simms

MP, Canada


Karin Simon



Martin Simon

United Kingdom


Nils Simon

Student der Politikwissenschaft, Germany


Peter Simon

Former MEP (S&D, 2009-2019), Germany


Dr. Essomba Tina Simon Pierre

Defenseur des Droits Humains, MUL-PADH; membre, Amnesty International, Cameroon


Prof. Nicolás Simone



Chiara Simoneschi-Cortesi

Consiglio nazionale (1999-2011); Presidente Ufficio CN (2008-2009), Switzerland


Andrew Simpson

United States


Shane Simpson

Member of the British Columbia Legislature, Canada


Berhan Simşek

former Member of Parliament; film artist, Turkey


Muyoyeta Simui

South Africa


Asja Simunovic



Michael Sinclair

Sawmill employee in Clearwater, B.C., Canada


Amit Singh

Ph.D. Candidate- Centre for International Legal Studies at JNU, DELHI, India


Ganesh Singh

Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), India


Karan Singh



Nand Kishore Singh

Member, Rajya Sabha (-2014), India


Poornima Singh



Priyanka Singh



Ratanjit P. N. Singh

MP (Lok Sabha, -2014); Minister of State in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of India and Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India


Ravneet Singh

MP (Lok Sabha), India


Prof. Sabina Singh

Professor of Poltiical Science, Canada


Sandeep Singh



Vijay Kumar Singh

I am working for One World Order to ensure adequet facilities for ever, India


Dr. Vinod Singh

Council Member, CCLP Worldwide, India


Vijay Inder Singla

MP (Lok Sabha, -2014), India


Sabina Siniscalchi

former MP (2006-2008), Italy


Vincenzo Siniscalchi

former MP; Lawyer, Italy


James Sink

United States


Kathy Sinnott

former MEP (-2009), Ireland


Despina Sinou

Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights, France


Jonathan Sippel



Alessandra Siragusa

MP (-2013), Deputata del Partito democratico, Italy


Jarkko Siren



Maite Sirera González



Minna Sirno

MP (-2011), Finland


Prof. Alicia Lujan Sisko



Dumisani Job Sithole

former MP (-2009); former Chairperson, Portfolio Committee On Foreign Affairs (Subcommittee on African Union), South Africa


Andrzej Sitkowski

Former UN consultant, advisor, staff member and peacekeeper, Germany


Rathika Sitsabaiesan

Former MP, Canada


Dr. Petra Sitte

MP, Germany


Erkut Ziya Sivrikaya



Jonas Sjöstedt

MP, Chairman of the Swedish left party, former MEP (1995-2006), Sweden


Pernille Skipper

MP, Denmark


Simon Skjerven



Alvaro Skobalski



Oddvar Skre



Corinne Skrobot



Jan Slakov

citizen, teacher, Canada


Kenneth Slaughter

Just a citizen of the U.S. I believe in World Federalism., United States


Prof. Ivo Šlaus

Professor of Physics, Institute Rudjer Boskovic; former MP; Co-founder, Croatian Movement for Democracy and Social Justice, Croatia


Anna Slitskaya

Lawyer, Russian Federation


Miet Smet

Minister of State, Senator (-2014), Member of the Flemish Parliament, Belgium


Anastasia Smirnova

World economics and international affairs faculty, SU-HSE, Moscow,RF, Russian Federation


Brian Smith

Chef and restaurant owner, Clearwater, B.C., Canada


David Smith

Former MP, Canada


Janet Smith



Joy Smith

Former MP, Canada


Quy Smith



Quy Smith

I am bachelor degree in business administration, Philippines


Wayne Smith



Prof. Dr. Joy Smucker

Community college professor and attorney, United States


Elizabeth Snell



Dr. Adam Sneyd

Department of Political Science, University of Guelph, Canada


Marjolijn Snippe

LL.M International Law, Netherlands


Thérèse Snoy

MP (-2014), Belgium


Maria Ivone Soares

MP, Mozambique


Tahere Sobhani



Prof. Luis Sobrino

Professor Emeritus of Physics, Canada


Chann Sochea

Eleve de Haut fonctionnaire en domaine diplomatique, Cambodia


Elliot Mshiyeni Sogoni

Former MP (-2014), South Africa


Raúl P. Solanas

MP (-2013), Argentina


Hugo Soler



Randa Solick

Women\'s International League for Peace & Freedom, United States


Rodolfo Solis Parga

former MP (2006-2009), Mexico


Thomas Solleveld

United Kingdom